For Sellers

I am having my home inspected. Is there anything I should know or anything I have to do?

The following is a list of things to help provide a safe home inspection with consideration to your personal belongings.

1. Remove all belongings from underneath or in front of any access panels including attic access, electric panel, furnace, etc.

2. All pets must be kenneled or removed from home during inspection. This is for the safety of your pet.

3. Plan on being out of your home for approximately three hours, as the home inspector will most likely be going over the inspection with the buyer of your home. If this is for some reason not possible, have your agent contact the home inspector immediately so the inspection can be rescheduled.

4. Please leave remote devices for lights, fans, garage doors, etc., in visible location.

5. If you have a dishwasher you can leave dirty dishes and dish soap and the inspector will wash them, as the operation of the dishwasher is part of the inspection.

6. When you return home please verify your thermostat is set to your desired mode and temperature and your doors and windows are locked if you normally have them secure.

7. If there is anything that should not be operated under normal operating conditions, please leave a note in a visible area for the inspector.

If your home is being tested for Radon, these requirements must be met:

1. Closed house conditions are required 12 hours prior to and during the 48-hour test. (This means windows are to remain closed, doors may be used normally but are to be closed immediately after entry or exit, heating and cooling may be used normally, ceiling fans are not to be operated, limit use of exhaust fans.)

2. Do not disturb the testing device. Any disturbance is recorded in the reading and will require a retest at the seller's expense. Notify children and make arrangements if pets are likely to disturb.

3. If a radon system is in place, make sure the system is working properly and will be in operation during the test.

4. If any of these requirements cannot be met, please contact your realtor immediately.

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